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Photo / Video 360°

Photos and videos 360 are the art of capturing photos / videos in a more complex form, such as the panoramic one. This art is based on joining several pictures together, to create the idea and the feeling of a 3 Dimensional look. Dating back in 1994 and with the development of technology, these methods are considered more professional for the presentation of services, environments, products etc.

The trend of this kind of technology never dies, since the quality of 3D photos or videos is of a very good quality, it is being used more and more. For this service, MediaWeb owns the professional GoPro Omni camera, the only undefined quality in Albania. 3D photo and video service is performed by specialized photographers and videographers. Our clients are amazed by the difference that a simple 3-dimensional gallery makes, so any change in their work environment, recent works, or events conducted by them is accompanied by panoramic experience.