Blog/The 4 Elements of a Strong Social Media Strategy

When thinking about structuring a strong social advertising strategy, you'll want to include four specific elements. Here they are:

1. Community Growth

Historically in social media marketing, wisdom has told us to not put too much stock in the number of followers you have.

This is partly true - attracting fluff followers to look good won’t help you much when it comes to actual business results. However, if you can grow a targeted audience, that has clear interest in your brand, you'll subsequently see lower overall advertising costs, greater reach and reinforced brand authority by using social advertising to grow your communities.

2. Engagement

The important thing to remember when using social advertising to drive engagement is that not all engagement is created equal. It's very easy to get people to notice a catchy motivational graphic or a funny video, however it's much more difficult to get people to pay attention to the content that really speaks to what your brand provides.

3. Website Clicks

Almost all social media platforms now have robust targeting parameters which enable you to hone in on your target customers. While social media traffic usually has higher bounce rates, lower time on site and less pages per visit than other digital advertising tactics, it's still very important to get fresh users to your site, and in your marketing funnels consistently.

4. Retargeting

The exciting thing about social media marketing is that there are always new tactics to try, new strategies to test. The scary thing is that there's only so much budget to go around, and days in each month.

Be sure to test relentlessly, abandon tactics that don’t yield results, and always optimize where possible.