Blog/Digital Marketing vs Traditional Marketing

In today’s digital space, to have an influential social media presence is a must have for any business. Here are some key points that differentiate traditional marketing from digital marketing:

Digital Marketing

  • Can reach to millions of people
  • Available 24/7
  • Can go viral online via various social media
  • You can measure and track campaigns at any time
  • You can schedule your posts even for non-working hours
  • You can choose your audience
  • User interaction is possible just like a customer service representative
  • The website reflects your online business
  • It is cost efficient
  • You can have a community of your own followers


Traditional Marketing

  • Can target customers belonging to a narrow area
  • Available only during the working hours
  • It takes time to reach out to customers
  • You aren’t able to measure precise results
  • Scheduling any advertisement is not possible
  • You cannot target a specific audience
  • Interaction is either on print media or via door to door marketing
  • Business values and services are reflected by advertisements on print media
  • Investment is higher and not as effective
  • The space you can talk about your brand is limited